Martin Singh

Lecturer, School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment, Monash University


New review The climate system and the second law of thermodynamics published

In collaboration with Prof. Morgan O'Neill, I have just published a detailed review describing applications of the second law of thermodynamics in climate research in Reviews of Modern Physics. The review covers the insights that may be gained in understanding atmospheric circulations by considering Earth's entropy budget, as well as non-classical applications of the second law such as statistical geophysical fluid dynamics. The paper is available here.

About me

I am a lecturer in the School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment at Monash University and an associate investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science.

My research interests are in atmospheric dynamics and climate change. I am particularly interested in the influence of cloud and precipitation processes on atmospheric circulations of a wide range of spatial scales. Understanding the role of such moist processes in determining the climate is an important step toward predicting the possible impacts of human-induced global warming.

My particular research interests include:


I currently have positions open for PhD students and honours students to work on a range of projects broadly concerning the dynamics of the tropical atmosphere. Some potential projects are outlined here, but please contact me if you are interested in working in my group.