Understanding and Modelling Atmospheric Processes

The 2nd Pan-GASS meeting sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science

26th February 2018 - 2nd March 2018, Lorne, Victoria, Australia

Meeting agenda

The agenda for UMAP 2018 is available here.


The conference presentations are available here.

If you presented a poster and you would like to make it available to all attendees, you may upload it here.

Please name your poster file using the format Poster-number_Surname_short-title.xxx. For example, Martin Singh’s poster filename will be: 1.18_Singh_Constraints-on-tropical-rain-belts.pdf.

Breakout sessions

A major goal of this conference is to discuss various ideas for future GASS projects. To this end, the breakout sessions on Wednesday morning (1100-1230) were devoted to discussing a number of ideas for future GASS projects that have been solicited by the GASS chairs. In particuar, seven white papers, available below, were prepared for discussion.

The planned breakout sessions are as follows:


For all enquiries about the UMAP 2018 meeting please email umap2018@monash.edu


The UMAP 2018 meeting will take place at the Cumberland Lorne Resort, situated on the beautiful Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The meeting will run from 26th Feb - 2 Mar 2018.