Understanding and Modelling Atmospheric Processes

The 2nd Pan-GASS meeting sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science

26th February 2018 - 2nd March 2018, Lorne, Victoria, Australia

Meeting agenda

The agenda for UMAP 2018 is available here.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will be either 15 minutes (12 minute talk and 3 minutes for questions) or 20 minutes (15 minute talk and 5 minutes for questions). The length of all presentations are given in the agenda. We ask that all presenters keep strictly to the time allocated to ensure that the program runs to time.

Uploading presentations

Presentations may be uploaded via google drive here.

Name your presentation file using the format Day_Session-number_Surname.xxx. For example, Carl Gustav Rossby, giving a talk on Monday in session 2, would use the file name Monday_2_Rossby.pdf.

Presentations may be uploaded in pdf, Powerpoint (ppt/pptx) or Keynote format. Sessions will be run on a Mac, but a Windows machine is also available.

Please ensure you upload your presentation at least four hours before you are scheduled to speak to ensure the sessions run smoothly.

Breakout sessions

On Wednesday morning (1100-1230), the conference will be split into six breakout sessions to discuss some specific topics in detail. The planned breakout sessions are as follows:

  • Constraining Drag Processes (White paper)
  • Fog modelling intercomparison
  • Dynamics-physics coupling
  • Joint modelling activity over the Caribbean (White paper)
  • Land temperature and snowpack on subseasonal to seasonal prediction


All attendees are encouraged to bring a poster to UMAP 2018. Posters will be shown in two groups, with dedicated poster sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings. Posters can be any size up to 1.2 m in width and 2 m in height.

Poster printing

Posters may be printed through Officeworks or Vistaprint. Both companies will deliver to the conference venue, but you should check on their estimated printing and delivery times as the conference venue is located approximately 142kms from Melbourne CBD.


For all enquiries about the UMAP 2018 meeting please email umap2018@monash.edu


The UMAP 2018 meeting will take place at the Cumberland Lorne Resort, situated on the beautiful Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The meeting will run from 26th Feb - 2 Mar 2018.