One-layer model with ice-albedo feedback

This model solves the radiative balance for a one-layer atmosphere. It includes an ice-albedo feedback in the following way; If the surface temperature is above freezing, the planetary albedo is set to 0.3, if the surface temperature is below ferezing, it is assumed to be ice covered, and to have a higher albedo of 0.6. This feedback introduces a dependence of the steady state solution on the initial condition, so that the intial surface temperature must be specified.

Set the value of the solar constant, S0, the initial Surface temperature Tinit, and the long-wave emissivity of the atmospheric layer ε. Then click "run model" to solve for the radiative equilibrium temperature of each layer. The atmospheric layer is assumed to be transparent to solar radiation.

Solar const.:     S0 = W/m2
Emissivity:       ε =
Initial temp.: Tinit = K

Web interface written by Martin Singh