One column radiative-convective model

This interface allows you to run a one-column climate model. The model calculates the evolution of temperature, humidity, and radiative and convective fluxes through the column based on specified values of the incoming solar radiation and greenhouse-gas concentrations and a specified initial condition. The model will look for previously run simulations in its cache, but please be patient - simulations may take up to a minute to complete if they are not cached.

Basic Parameters:

Length of simulation:
CO2 concentration:
Solar Constant:
Surface albedo:
Initial SST:

Simulation parameters:

Model time-step:
Time between graphical output:
Graphics averaging time:

Radiation parameters:

Select type of radiation:
Cloud-radiation options:

Time between radiation calls:

Atmospheric composition:

CH4 concentration:
N2O concentration:

CFC-11 concentration:
CFC-12 concentration:
O3 profile multiplier:


Surface parameters:

Surface windspeed:

Fraction of surf. covered by water:
Mixed layer depth:


Forcing type:

Extreme value of omega:
Pressure of maximum in forcing:
Period of forcing:
Pres. levs b/w which forcing extends:

Pressure above which sounding fixed:

The model used is the MIT single-column climate model maintained by Kerry Emanuel.
The web-interface was designed by Martin Singh with assistance from Tim Cronin and Isaac Chuang and support from MITx.

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Questions or comments should be addressed to Martin Singh.
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